Two More Christmas Hampers Available – ”New Year” and “ROSSO”

Christmas is all about giving, and it warms our hearts that so many of our customers have already purchased the Christmas hampers specifically as gifts.

Two suit all tastes and requirements, we are launching two new Christmas Hampers for 2020.


“New Year” Christmas Hamper

new year Christmas hamper

This Christmas Hamper already anticipates what coming soon after Christmas. Of course it’s also suitable for the main Christmas merriment, but it has that extra-jubilant selection, which so unique at the New Years celebration.

It contains our best Italian treats to enjoy with the whole family: Prosecco, sweets, beer and lemonade as well as SPARKLERS! Something for everyone:)

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ROSSO Christmas Hamper

rosso christmas hamper

ROSSO Christmas Hamper is our Greatest Hits of the most loved products from other hampers.

It includes our:

– Mini panettone or Mini pandoro (make and packaging will vary depending on availability)

– A bottle of top end red wine – Either Primitivo Passo del Cardinale, Valpollicella Bertani or Bardolino Le Nogare depending on availability.

– Gragnano artisan pasta 500g

– Pesto / bruschetta/ pasta sauce 180g

– Taralli 210g circa (make and packaging will vary depending on availability)

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UK Delivery for Christmas Eve

Remember to place your order by 21st of December, to get your hamper delivered by the Christmas Eve.

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