uk delivery dates for Christmas 2020

Last Dates for Online Orders for Christmas Delivery 2021

Christmas times are the most hectic postal days of the year. Therefore, we recommend you to place your orders well in advance in order to get the deliveries for the Christmas Eve.


For all UK deliveries (including Manchester) the last order date is the 22nd of December, in order to get the package delivered by the 24th of December. However, due to the unprecedented situation, it’s likely that delivery logistics will be at full capacity, we recommend to order as early as possible.


Remember that you can also pre-order for a later delivery. Just write it into the comments.


christmas 2020 delivery hours

Christmas 2021 Hours – Limited Delivery and Collection

The upcoming Christmas holidays will affect our deliveries and collections. Read below about our opening hours.

Self-Collections and Manchester Deliveries

We are closed:

25-27 Dec
1-5 Jan

During those days we do not deliver nor are open for self-collection. You can still place the orders on our online shop, they will be just processed when we are open.

UK Deliveries

For orders outside Manchester, we are not delivering on:

25-29 Dec

And as you may know, the Christmas period is the busies time for the postal office. Therefore, the earlier you can place your orders the more likely it will arrive in time.

Two More Christmas Hampers Available – ”New Year” and “ROSSO”

Christmas is all about giving, and it warms our hearts that so many of our customers have already purchased the Christmas hampers specifically as gifts.

Two suit all tastes and requirements, we are launching two new Christmas Hampers for 2020.


“New Year” Christmas Hamper

new year Christmas hamper

This Christmas Hamper already anticipates what coming soon after Christmas. Of course it’s also suitable for the main Christmas merriment, but it has that extra-jubilant selection, which so unique at the New Years celebration.

It contains our best Italian treats to enjoy with the whole family: Prosecco, sweets, beer and lemonade as well as SPARKLERS! Something for everyone:)

Buy now 


ROSSO Christmas Hamper

rosso christmas hamper

ROSSO Christmas Hamper is our Greatest Hits of the most loved products from other hampers.

It includes our:

– Mini panettone or Mini pandoro (make and packaging will vary depending on availability)

– A bottle of top end red wine – Either Primitivo Passo del Cardinale, Valpollicella Bertani or Bardolino Le Nogare depending on availability.

– Gragnano artisan pasta 500g

– Pesto / bruschetta/ pasta sauce 180g

– Taralli 210g circa (make and packaging will vary depending on availability)

Buy now


UK Delivery for Christmas Eve

Remember to place your order by 21st of December, to get your hamper delivered by the Christmas Eve.

bubbles christmas hamper with prosecco and pandoro

Two New Christmas Hampers Available – Primitivo and Bubbles

The festive season is all about giving and sharing. Our Christmas Hampers have been very popular with our customers and we are there for expanding the selection with two new hampers.


Primitivo Christmas Hamper

primitivo christmas hamper with wine and panettone

The Primitivo Christmas Hamper contains highlights of the Italian Cuisine. It includes fine pasta, distinctive pesto rosso, delicious wine and wonderful panettone. The price is £35.


Buy Primitivo Christmas Hamper


Bubbles Christmas Hamper

bubbles christmas hamper with prosecco and pandoro

The Bubbles Christmas Hamper is designed for lovers of sparkling wine with accompanying delicacies. It features our favorite prosecco, cookies, chocolate treat, crema di balsamico and sweet pandoro cake. The price is £35.


Buy Bubbles Christmas Hamper


All Christmas Hampers have an UK Delivery option. Make sure to order early to get a prompt delivery.

Italia sweet Christmas hamper

Italian Christmas Hampers with UK Delivery Available

As the festive season of 2020 is upon us, we are glad to announce that Christmas hampers are now available in our online shop. All Christmas hampers are hand packed in our Didsbury restaurant in Manchester and features various Italian delicacies.


All Christmas hampers are delivered to the UK. If you have special requests or would like to make a larger order (for workplace employees, for example), contact us and we will take your needs into account:


We have produced a selection of five Italian Christmas hampers.


Pasta Lovers Christmas Hamper

Italian pasta christmas hamper

The Pasta Lovers Christmas hamper is perfect for anyone adoring Italian cuisine!
It includes our: Trofie pasta 500g, Penne Rigate 500g, Orecchiette Tricolore 500g, Ready Tomato & Italian Sausage Sauce 250g, Ready Amatriciana Sauce 250g, Ready Tomato & Nduja Sauce 250g andReady Tomato & Porcini Mushroom Sauce 250g.


Buy Pasta Lover Christmas Hamper


Olive Oil/Balsamico Christmas Hamper

Italian olive oil and balsamic Christmas Hamper

Our “Olive Oil/Balsamico” gift hamper is perfect for anyone adoring Italian cuisine!


It includes all our best oils:

– Oil Oil Extra Virgin Primolio 250ml

– Lemon Olive Oil Extra Virgin 250ml

– Chilli Olive Oil Extra Virgin 250ml

– Truffle Olive Oil Extra Virgin 250ml

– Classic Balsamic Glaze Leonardi 220ml

– Chilli Balsamic Glaze Leonardi 220ml

– Lemon Balsamic Glaze Leonardi 220ml

Here to make your Christmas special!


Buy Olive Oil / Balsamico Christmas hamper


Chilli Lovers Christmas Hamper

Italian chili Christmas hamper

Our “Chilli Lovers” gift hamper is perfect for anyone adoring Italian cuisine with a little bit of spice!


It includes all our best spices:

– Chilli Olive Oil Extra Virgin 250ml

– Chilli Balsamic Glaze Leonardi 220ml

– Orecchiette Tricolore 500g

– Ordigno Spicy Spread With Aubergine, Chilli and Sun dried Tomatoes 90g

– Viagrrrrr! 90g

– Ready Tomato & Nduja Sauce 250g

– Spreadable Nduja Paste 212ml

– Whole Dry Bird’s Eye Chilli 50g

– Taralli with Fennel Seeds 250g


Buy Chilli Lover Christmas Hamper


Sweet Tooth Christmas Hamper

Italia sweet Christmas hamper

Our “Sweet Tooth” gift hamper is perfect for anyone appreciating sweet life surrounded by sugary goodies! This hamper is ideal especially as a Christmas present (to go under the Christmas tree!)


It includes our:

– Amaretti biscuits 300g

– Mini Panettone Christmas Cake 100g

– Organic Lemon & Mint Marmalade 220g

– 2 Baiocchi Mini Pastry with Hazelnut

– 1 Vicenzi Mini Pastry

– Cantuccini Toscanini biscuits 250g

– Gianduioso Chocolate Paste

– 2 Cameo Classic Ciobar Hot Chocolate


Buy our Sweet Tooth Christmas Hamper


Coffee Christmas Hamper

Italian coffee Christmas hamper

Our “Coffee” gift hamper is perfect Christmas gift for any coffee lover! Italian coffee is truly superior..


It includes our:

– Caffè Mauro CENTOPERCENTO Ground Tin 250g

– Caffè Mauro ESPRESSO Ground Flex Bag 250g

– Caffè Mauro DE LUXE Ground Flex Bag 250g

– Caffè Mauro CLASSICO Ground Flex Bag 250g

– Mini Panettone Christmas Cake 100g

– 1 Vicenzi Mini Pastry

– Grisbi Hazelnut Biscuits 150g


Buy Coffee Christmas hamper


Click to see all Christmas Hampers and other Christmas Specials. Merry Christmas!

panettone and pandora cake order online delivery in uk

NEW: Panettone and Pandoro Now Available in Our Gourmet Shop

Just in time for Christmas, traditional Italian bakery treats are now available. Panettone is an incredibly rich and tasty cake with raisins inside and Pandoro is light and fragrant cousin.


These cakes come in a delightful packaging, making them perfect as gifts and presents. For special dinners and occasion, these sweet Italian cakes light the mood up.


At the moment, we have five different versions of the cakes, starting £2.95.


Shop now for Panettone and Pandoro, we deliver in the UK.

panettone and pandoro in casa italia gourmet shop with prices

Casa Italia Delivery Map UK

We Now Deliver Italian Food to Most of the UK

We are glad to announce that we are expanding our delivery area to cover most of the UK for the Gourmet Shop orders. We have partnered with Parcelforce to handle the deliveries to areas outside Manchester. For most of the orders from within Manchester, we will still handle the shipping by our own staff. This allows us to keep the deliver fee at the same low level as before, £3 per order.


For the UK orders, our starting delivery rate will be £6,50 and we will delivery on workdays within 24 hours from the order submission.


The delivery area is marked in red in the picture below. In practice, this means that we deliver to England, Wales and parts of Scotland, excl. Highlands & Islands.


Casa Italia Delivery Map UK


We deliver all the products in our Gourmet Shop in the UK, including our alcoholic drinks such as wines, beers and spirits.


We are excited about this new opportunity and we welcome all lovers of Italia food to try our amazing selection!

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